Legal Consultancy

Mission and Vision 

Our University’s Legal Counseling Office represents our university as an attorney before the judicial and administrative jurisdictions in disputes between our university, academic-administrative staff, students and/or all other persons and institutions. It follows the case/file in these disputes and defends the rights of our university. It advises our university on legal matters. The vision of the Legal Counsel is to increase the rate of conclusion of cases in favor of our university in compliance with the legislation, to provide full and correct legal consultancy by following the current legislation and court decisions.

Consulting Staff

Legal Counsel – Dr. Dilek KARAMAN

Phone:+90 232 260 1001/162

Duties of Legal Counseling Office

Our University’s Legal Counseling Office was established in accordance with Article 51 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and Articles 26 and 35 of the Decree Law No. 124 on the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education Institutions. Its general duty is to carry out the legal services of our university. Representing our university in judicial and administrative justice, providing opinion/support/consultancy for the proper conduct of criminal and disciplinary investigations, examining and responding to legal opinion requests from the units and fulfilling other duties are among the duties of our Counselling Office. It also keeps a report on the work carried out by the Legal Counsel and presents it when necessary.

Our consultancy also ensures that the university is informed about the changes and developments in the field of law by following the law, Presidential decrees, Presidential decisions, regulations and other legislation, the Official Gazette, court decisions, the journals of the law faculties of the universities and other important law journals.