Message from our Rector

Message from our Rector

Dear Students,

After a long and tiring learning process, I believe that you have made one of the most important decisions of your life in order to shape your future. First of all, I congratulate you and your family and teachers who are your biggest supporters on this educational journey; I wish you good luck with your decision. The fact that you will be one of the first students of our university has a special importance for me and our university staff.

After I started working in February 2017, education started in four faculties at our university in the same year, and in 10 faculties in 2018. In order to provide the best education to you, our esteemed students, we have prepared devotedly for the new academic year together with all our academic and administrative staff, and we are waiting for you.

From the moment you come to Izmir Democracy University, you will understand how you made the right choice and your satisfaction will increase over time. We are waiting for you here in a family environment with our competent teaching staff. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction too. In this context, we will be your biggest supporter with all our staff, with the hope that you will have an active and beautiful studying period by giving you the best education with the latest technology.

Our goal is primarily to educate students who have humanitarian values, are beneficial to our country and innovative, follow and develop technology closely. When you graduate, we are already happy that you will be able to receive an intradisciplinary or interdisciplinary postgraduate education at our University.

As one of the first graduates of Izmir Democracy University, we will be proud of you when you qualify for a profession. I wish you, our esteemed student, one of the new members of Izmir Democracy University, to have a successful academic year. I would like to state that it will give me great pleasure to be under the same roof in this educational journey that we will walk together. In advance, I offer my love to all our students, and I look forward to seeing you.

Prof. Dr. Bedriye TUNÇSİPER

Rector of Izmir Democracy University