As of March 2019, our university has applied to the European Commission to participate in the Erasmus + Programme. With the conclusion of our application, reciprocal agreements will be made with various universities in Europe.
Erasmus+ student exchange programmes will start in the 2020 / 2021 Academic year.


Erasmus Department Coordinators

  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Business: Instructor Member Fatma İrem KONYALIOĞLU

Economics Instructor Member September KABAKCI GUNAY

Finance: Dr. Instructor Member Rükan Kutlu KORLU

International Relations: Instructor Member Sıla Turaç BAYKARA

Political Science and Public Administration: Dr. Instructor Member Didem DOĞANYILMAZ DUMAN

Management Information Systems: Dr. Instructor Member Orkun YILDIZ

Human Resources Management: Dr. Instructor Member Ece KUZULU

  • Faculty of Architecture

Landscape Architecture: Assoc. Dr. Birsen KESGIN ATAK

Architecture: Prof. Dr. Begüm SERTYEŞİŞILIK

City and Regional Planning: Dr. Instructor Member Feral GEÇER SARGIN                                                                                 

  • Faculty of Law

Law: Instructor Member Bengül KAVLAK

  • Engineering faculty

Biomedical Engineering: Dr. Instructor Member Gizem KALELİ CAN

Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Assoc. Dr. Selami BEYHAN

Mechanical Engineering: Assoc. Dr. Uğur ÇAVDAR

Civil Engineering: Instructor Member Pinar ÇAVDAR

Industrial Engineering: Dr. Instructor Member Hande ÖZTOP

Computer Engineering: Instructor Member Vildan ATALAY AYDIN

  • Faculty of fine arts

Music: Dr. Instructor Member Orçun BERRAKÇAY

Traditional Turkish Arts: Dr. Instructor Member Sevda EMLAK

Graphic Design: Instructor Member Cigdem TANYEL BAŞAR

  • Faculty of Education

Department of Educational Sciences: Associate Professor Mine MUYAN YILIK

Department of Basic Education: Dr. Lecturer Miray ÖZÖZEN DANACI

Department of Foreign Languages ​​Education: Assistant Professor Nurdan KAVAKLI

Special Education Department: Dr. Lecturer Bora GÖRGÜN

Department of Mathematics and Science Education: Dr. Instructor Member Rukiye AYAN CIVAK

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Department of Archeology: Dr. Lecturer Erim KONAKCI

Sociology Department: Dr. Instructor Member Meral Salman YIKMIS

Department of Mathematics: Assoc. Dr. Gunay OZTURK

History Department: Dr. Instructor Member Funda ADITATAR

English Language and Literature : Dr. Instructor Member Tuğba Elif TOPRAK YILDIZ

Psychology : Dr. Instructor Member Özge AKGÜL

Philosophy : Dr. Instructor Member Omer Ersin KAHRAMAN

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

Nursing Department: Assoc. Dr. Ozim ERKIN

Department of Sports Sciences: Associate Professor Neşe AKPINAR KOCAKULAK

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics: Prof.Dr.Reyhan İRKİN

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: Assoc. Dr. Ozlem CINAR Ozdemir

  • Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Instructor Member Burcu KANMAZ

  • Medical School

Dr. Instructor Member Emine Müge KARAKAYALI

  • School of Foreign Languages

Instructor Kudret ÖKTEM ÖZTÜRK

  • Health Sciences Institute

 Occupational Health and Safety: Dr. Instructor Member Zeynep SOFUOĞLU