Prof. Dr. Bedriye TUNÇSİPER

       Bedriye Tunçsiper completed her primary and secondary education in Ankara. She graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Finance in 1983. She joined the academic life at Balıkesir University School of Tourism and Hotel Management in 1984. In 1987, she completed her master’s degree in Uludağ University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Economics. In the same year, she started her doctoral education in the Department of Economics of Uludağ University, Institute of Social Sciences, and completed her thesis in 1992 with the thesis titled “European Economic Community and Turkish Tourism” and received the title of Doctor. She was appointed Assistant Professor in 1992. She received the title of Associate Professor in 1995 and the title of Professor in 2001.

      She worked as the director of Balıkesir University Social Sciences Institute between 1996-1999 and as the director of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History Research and Application Center at the same university between 2000-2001. In addition, she was the Director of Vocational School in Balıkesir University School of Physical Education and Sports between 2001-2002, Dean of Necatibey Faculty of Education between 2004-2005, Vice-Rector between 2002-2006, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences between 2006-2009. Between 2009 and 2017, she took part in many administrative duties such as the head of the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

      Tunçsiper works in the fields of economic growth, tourism and environmental economy, globalization, economic crises, monetary policy, women, employment and unemployment etc. She participated in symposiums with nearly 150 national and international papers. Tunçsiper, who has books and 10 book chapters, has many national and international articles and magazine editorships. The number of citations she received from her published works is over 400, and she has directed 16 master’s and 4 doctoral theses so far.

      Bedriye Tunçsiper was appointed as the rector of Izmir Democracy University with the Presidential decree published on 21.01.2017 and she still continues this duty.

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