Academic Units that admit students

2021-2022 Academic Year Programs that admit students

Students are placed in undergraduate programs of within the framework of a central examination system called YKS in accordance with the regulations set by the Council of Higher Education. (YOK) and announced at 

It has been announced that Izmir Democracy University with its 5 years of experience admits students for 35 departments.


Thanks to the experience and hard work of our Rector, Prof. Dr. Bedriye Tunçsiper, Izmir Democracy University offers education in 35 Graduate and 4 Undergraduate departments.

Achievement of Faculties and Schools [İYP1] 

Undergraduate Programs

  • Faculty of Dentistry: 70 students

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  • Faculty of Education

Elementary Mathematics Teaching: 40 students
English Language Teaching (English): 60 students
Preschool Teaching: 60 students
Special Students Education Teaching: 60 students
Guidance and Psychological Counseling: 60 students

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  • Faculty of Science and Letters


Archaeology: 30 students

English Language and Literature (English): 50 students

Mathematics (English): 50 students

Psychology: 60 students

Psychology (English): 70 students
Sociology (%30 English): 60 students
History: 70 students
Turkish Language and Literature: 60 students 


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  • Faculty of Fine Arts


Musicology: 40 students (special talent exam)

Traditional Turkish Arts: 40 students (special talent exam)

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  • Faculty of Law: 120 students

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  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Economics: 60 students

Human Resources Management :60 students

Business Administration :60 students

Public Finance :60 students

Political Science and Public Administration (English) :70 students

International Relations (English) :60 students

Management Information Systems :50 students

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  • Faculty of Architecture


Architecture (English): 80 students

Landscape Architecture (English): 70 students

Urban and Regional Planning: 70 students

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  • Faculty of Engineering


Biomedical Engineering (English): 40 students

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (English): 70 students

Industrial Engineering (English): 60 students

Civil Engineering (English): 70 students

Mechanical Engineering (English): 60 students

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  • Faculty of Health Sciences

Nutrition and Dietetics: 60 students

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: 80 students

Nursing: 80 students

Exercise and Sports Sciences: 60 students

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  • Faculty of Medicine: 90 students

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Associate Graduate Programs


  • Vocational School

Banking and Insurance :30 students

Landscape and Ornamental Applications: 40 students

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  • Vocational School of Health Services

Biomedical Device Technology: 30 students

Elderly Care: 65 students

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  • Preparatory School

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