Mission and Vision


The mission of Izmir Democracy University is in the light of universal, national and spiritual values;

  • to raise individuals who are equipped according to needs of our country , who embrace our corporate values, who think creatively and critically, who do not deviate from scientific ethics, who are competent in their field, and who will successfully fulfill their professional and social responsibilities;
  • to present its production in the fields of science, education and training for the benefit of society;
  • is to be a pioneer in finding a place for science, art and culture in society and gaining prevalence.


 The vision of Izmir Democracy University is to be a university that shapes the future with its qualified studies in the fields of education and research.

The following items constitute the main elements of our vision:

  • To be among the world’s leading research universities with scientific research that bridges the future,
  • To catch a modern perspective with innovative approaches in education and training,
  • Contributing to the shaping of the future by building a bridge between academia and society through scientific, academic and cultural activities.
  • Depends on national and moral values; To be an internationally respected and leading university


      One of the rising values of İzmir with the way it has covered since its establishment.

Izmir Democracy University rises on some values on the way to become a well-established and solid university. These values can be listed as follows:

  • Democratic and participatory as a management approach,
  • Adhering to ethical values
  • Uncompromising from a scientific point of view
  • Intelligent and questioning
  • Perfectionist in education
  • Student oriented
  • Caring about public and social responsibility
  • Prioritizing national and moral values
  • Rising on strong roots with experienced academic staff